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Goal Star is a Web 3.0-based platform combining sports, NFTs and gambling.

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Through their NFT users can place bets on sports events and be eligible for the final grand prize. Furthermore, users can invite their friends through their referral link and earn 20 BUSD per each invite.

EVM Compatible

The Goal Star platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain network built for running smart contract-based applications with low transaction fees to permit users to play without worrying about fees.

Firstly available on BSC, the Goal Star team is working to make the ecosystem multi-chain in the upcoming months thanks to BSC's compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machines (EVM).

Sports Betting Platform

The Goal Star platform ensures safeness and fairness through its decentralized nature providing a safe user experience. Players will be able to bet on Football events initially, with the upcoming opportunity of betting on several sports such as Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, and eSports.

Prize Pool

Users need to own an NFT to participate in the tournament and access the other benefits of the membership. The amount of memberships available for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is 1000 unique NFTs. Each NFT has a mint price of 120 BUSD and provides the same advantages to every user.


The rank system has been built to reward the best 20% of participants with the first three positions multiplying their initial investment by 50x, 25x, and 12.5x times. A more detailed overview is shown in the table reported below.


Purchasing an NFT will allow users to participate in the correlated tournament and win the final prize pool. Furthermore, being an NFT owner permits users to participate in digital and real-life events, access to all games available on the platform, anticipated access to NFT minting for the next games, and exclusive access to the GoalStar token presale.


Learn more about Goal Stars, interact with other enthusiasts and earn through your skills. Join the community and start to talk about sports with other junkies.

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